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GoosebumpsYou open your eyes, but it is too dark to make out much. You can hear the sounds of the ocean a little better, and you can still make out the rhythmic chirping of the insects in the trees. Suddenly, the sun is reflected in the water, blinding you momentarily. The sun is huge, even compared to the one you had the night before. You were asleep for a full twenty-four hours now, and the sun was right on top of you. You never imagined you would see it up close again. I just saw the sun for the first time, you say. Well, dont just stand there staring, get out of bed and get your clothes on. You slowly rise and get dressed, and begin to look around in your room for something to wear. Everything in your wardrobe is either gray or black, and you dont really know what to wear. You dont particularly like the color, but theres not much you have that isnt gray or black. After all of that time sleeping, and looking at the same thing, you wonder what happened to you. You cant remember much of anything, but you do remember that you woke up in a strange house with a dog by your feet. You head upstairs to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face, and wipe off some makeup, which causes you to feel even more stupid than when you first saw the sun. Its so bright in the room, the bathroom light makes you want to close the bathroom door, but you decide to go ahead and try to check the alarm clock to see how long you have until you wake up. For you, it would be good to get dressed, but youre not sure what to wear. The only thing you remember wearing is a skirt and a t-shirt when you were in the forest, so you decide to try one of those on. You grab a long, white skirt and a white and blue t-shirt, and put them on. You also grab your purse, and as you slip them on, you dont notice that youre wearing sandals. You decide to run to the living room to take a look around, but you trip and fall. You manage to stand up and look around, and then you see the sun, directly overhead. The sun looks so big, and bright, and even though youre naked, it burns your skin. You feel like youve been struck by.

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