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From Hearthstone WikiThis article is about the neutral minion minion. For the priest minion, see Shadow Word: Death. Shadow Word: Death is a neutral neutral minion card, from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set. How to get edit edit source Two copies of regular Shadow Word: Death are obtained by defeating Shrimpson in the Violet Hold. As a Wild format card, both regular and golden versions of Shadow Word: Death can also be crafted for the following amounts:Card Crafting cost Disenchanting Shadow Word: Death 40 5 Golden Shadow Word: Death 400 50This card works as an early game removal spell for all classes. It is an excellent tool to fight against aggro decks, while providing a solid body for the other classes. Note that its low Health and the fact that is it a minion gives it low durability at turn 1. The 1 mana cost also makes it a poor investment in early game, unlike cheaper minions such as orThis minion is very useful against the Priest, as they cant generate much value with at the start. The Shadow Word: Death will probably be the first spell that will be cast, allowing the Priest a decent chance to stabilize the board, which in turn will allow him to cast a more expensive spell – potentially an Entomb or something similar. The 1 mana Shadow Word: Death can also be used to play a minion on 1 Health in its stead. Against Control decks, this card can be used the same way as against aggro decks. The 1 mana cost is a disadvantage, however, so be careful with using it on 1 Health minions. This can also be a very good card against Token Druids who might put out, but will most likely never play it. This card works well with the 1 mana buff from. It can be best combined with the combo of to deal 8 damage to all nearby enemies. Death, Only in game Attack Shadow Word: Death. A friendly shadow, summoned by the player in the RPG game Hearthstone. From Wowpedia:The shadows are a shadowy order of non-evil beings, who serve the titans. At least, not in any manner they themselves would understand or find palatable. Instead, they work in the titans best interest, taking on the role of servants to keep the world from falling too far off the edge of oblivion, while their masters are away and the Titans are still focused on the task at hand. The shadows have their own code of conduct known as the Shadow Code which is followed by all members. Any shadow found to violate it is considered an outcast and banished from.

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