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The next day, Sue was getting ready to head to bed, while she was still talking to you. You go take a look aroundYou had to admit, while it might be nice to have a big house and car and all the other stuff she did, you were starting to feel a little down. You were a little jealous that she had things she could do with all the free time she had, but you didnt like the fact that she had to work so hard just to make it enough to provide a better life for herself and a lot of her family. You also thought about how she was making enough to live with them, if she wanted to, but then she wanted a better house with all the money she made at the photo store. Your thoughts didnt sit right with her though. Youll go to sleep soon, you should get your picture taken, she said as she made herself a cup of tea. She was right, you started getting sleepy just looking at the pictures she had to offer. It was going to be a long day until you got to bed. You didnt realize how lonely you had been for so long. She was so young, she was young and she did all those things she did. She was a beautiful and talented artist, and you were just her, the only person in the world. You didnt expect it to work out, but the thought that maybe this wasnt so bad, that she was just a really good friend, made you feel a little better. Just you and her in the darkness, the dark of her room, your body on the floor with her on top of you, all of your life stories happening in the moments between us. You nightSue looked up as the moon was almost fully out, making everything a bright, clear night, just what you needed to feel right at home in the dark room with her. Youre my only friend right here. I love you, I always have and I always will, just you, in this dark and empty room in this house. You hugged her and the feeling just got stronger and stronger with each passing moment. You kissed her before you went over to her bed and got onto it, to be with her for the rest of the night. Your feelings were never going to disappear, but they just would feel much stronger now, you were just better connected in your mind, not only with each other, but also with any other feelings you had.

This article about Older beauty