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S a strange thought to think about, but you are so tired. You say as you begin your long journey back to your home. Ll probably not be able to do it this time. I just hoped I would see you one more time before you left this world. T know you had a family too. You end up leaving and leaving the temple behind. Re still trying to get your head around what you did and why you did it. Re honestly not sure which one is more admirable. You get back home and take some time to figure yourself out. When you think about it now, you had every reason to do what you did. In the short time you were in Holgard, you saw a lot of corruption and violence. The Ebony Claw Syndicate is a criminal organization that has been doing a lot of killing and destruction in the city. A lot of it is completely unjustified, Justified in some cases, but then most things are in this world. You saw that in her and you killed her to prove a point to yourself. It just felt so wrong that you did that. You have to admit though, you sort of feel a lot better about killing the priest in Gauntlgrym. You do have faith in Ral, In time, you start thinking more about it. The whole time you were in Holgard and all the rest of it, you.

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