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SubcatID-4 YouYou open your eyes to see a dark, thick, oily substance coating the back of your neck, your forehead and your chin. You gasp, but when you look at your hands, the oil is gone from them. The smell is strong and is quickly fading from the room, but your eyes still burn and burn. You look at your face and are shocked to see a new, darker scar forming from your right eye. You blink and a new scar forms from your forehead to your chin. You look at your hand and try to wipe the oily substance from it, but the blood runs down into your hand and burns your fingertip until your skin goes numb to touch it. You gulp, your eyes rolling back in your head and your lips moving in an odd manner as if trying to make noise. You cough in a blood-like substance and let out a pained scream. The pain is so great that you nearly pass out from it. The dark stain is gone from your neck and your face is no longer covered in oil. You gasp, but are glad you were still able to look at yourself earlier, because you are in no condition to do anything else now. You collapse to the ground and giggle loudly, covering your face with your hands and crying into your palms. It takes a moment for your senses to catch up, but soon you wake up. Waking up to the smell of wet dog and the sight of blood on the ground, you have to make a decision which you should do first. You hide under the bedA loud noise causes you to roll out of bed, and you take off your clothes while sitting on the floor. You hear the noise and look out toward the window. A huge creature of some sort, covered in dark black fur, is prowling around outside on the hill, which is littered with fallen bodies. Two more creatures with two smaller creatures and a large, dark-purple bird-like creature of enormous size are flying in the air to attack the creature. You quickly stand up and look around for a place to hide, and you immediately think of the bed you were sleeping on. You grab your shirt and pull it over yourself, just before the creature grabs your legs and lifts you up off the ground. It is huge, almost twice your height and almost as wide as you are tall. It has a huge black, reptilian head with a large, bulbous snout, long, sharp teeth and several long, thin, clawed fingers. The creatures body is covered in thick, dark hair and its limbs are.

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