Unfortunately for celebrities, theyre continuously being scrutinized by the cameras …

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Jpg thumb kim kardashian, Gwyneth, thumb kim kardashian, Gwyneth, The title says it all. The latest celebrity sex tape, leaked a few days ago has become such a big deal that not just the celebs, but actually the entire web and internet were shocked. People started sharing some of the leaked sex tapes online, and what to some might seem like disgusting acts, are actually considered harmless acts in their culture, and many of the people commenting thought it was kinda hot, like some people even said they felt like they were on the riding part of some kind of horse. When you think about it, its kind of hot, in fact, its probably just one of the reasons why these celebs are famous today in the first place. The reason why most of them are doing this is because those are actions that are normally done in their culture and they feel a lot more comfortable doing it than they do talking to one of their friends. These celebs are probably also just showing how they really view the rest of society and how much they have control over what goes on in peoples lives. Your first inclination is always to ignore these kind of things, but after a while you just dont care. You can either act on the desires you have, or not do anything. You want some of this, but dont you know that you will get caught. Yeah well you did learn that the hard way, but in any case you would like to at least get the bad stuff. So you decide to take a little part of the sex tape, so that you will at least keep your name out of many porn sites. A couple of the celebrities that were involved have given their permission, so you can download their part. It probably isnt much, but thats what you expect. You can only imagine the amount of porn there is on the net. You download one part of the sex tape, and immediately start to download another part, so that when you actually get to the part that involves the actual horse and some other things, you will have enough material. You begin to download even more, until you get to the part that shows.

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