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You head back to your car and drive home. Day:1You wake up in the morning and realize that you are going to have a big day tomorrow. You realize that you have to get up early to get ready for work, but thats the day after tomorrow. You have a quick breakfast and get ready for work. You drive to your job and then drive home. You drive home pretty soon after you get there and then go about your day. You go to the gym, go to the gym a lot, then try to rest your body with a massage. You feel really bad about how you are treating the car, but you decide to take it back to a mechanic tomorrow to have it fixed. After a few hours of rest, you start thinking about your next big purchase. Today has been pretty busy, so you decide on what to get for your big day tomorrow. You go for a massageYouve been meaning to go to a good massage place for awhile now. You can make it in time to get some good, relaxing work out. Good thing too, because you have a real hard time concentrating at your job and this is going to make things a lot easier. Its a very nice office building with a pretty, but expensive looking interior. You enter the building and go up two flights. Its really nice, but there is a nice, but pricey, masseuse inside. You see a huge mirror and as big of a mirror as the room allows, so instead of standing there staring at yourself in a completely awkward position, you just sit down in the spot and the masseuse comes over. There is a tray and table at the table, and you order a bottle of water, and a big tub of something you have to sample from the tray. I have a lot of oils and lotion in this box, go on and just rub a little, the masseuse says. You turn over the big tub, and then use one of the bottles as a washcloth then get all the excess out of the tub. Then you use the other washcloth to help pat excess oil and excess lotion off your body. Then you turn on the hot water and the masseuse uses a cold and gentle comb to very gently and evenly rub oils and lotion into your skin. You can scrub it if you dont feel good, just take your time Ill take my time rubbing the lotion on you, the masseuse says. You can get whatever you like out of the shower.

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