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Ulta is our exclusive retailer, and it is our go-to, the fact that we have customers. All of it is worth whatever price we place. The store itself looks more like a regular, albeit cheap, drugstore. There are a couple of makeup counter counters with jars of various products, a few rows and rows of products of the most common and common-looking brands, and a couple of aisles of different cosmetics with different prices. Just on the right hand side of the store is a display case with some other cosmetics. One of those things is more expensive than cosmetics sold by other stores. After looking through the store a bit, you leave Ulta Beauty. You turn around and see a girl that looks about your age, probably about your age. She has short brown hair and wears a gray shirt over a red dress. Youve seen her dressed like this before, and shes wearing it now. As you turn around, you see her with something in her hands. You continueYou dont think about what shes got in her hands. The store isnt that big; it seems like theres a lot more of everything elsewhere. You just keep walking and as you try to think of something to talk about, the girl notices you. You wonder what that could mean, so you ask about it. I wasnt on duty and I was coming here, but I was wondering what kind of college you went to. Oh good, youre going to the same one I am. She nods and smiles and says, I wish mine was closer, because Id like to stay here for more than two months as a tourist. That might be good since shes going to a great school and you need to find something to do right now. You go to the Beauty CollegeYou decide to head to the Beauty College. It is a real college with real equipment, real teachers and real classes. You dont have to go online, and you can see that the buildings.

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