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You open your inbox and are greeted with a new message from Ulta CEO Paul Francis. I know you probably had a ton of stuff to get done, you really did. Youre taking a break from Ulta right now, but you shouldnt have any problem finding something that you want. Im sure youre aware of the new Ulta beauty sale thats going on right now. Its a pretty big deal so you should check it out if its something youre considering. Im sure youll find something that will interest you. You continueYou sit back at your computer and take a look at your email again, then check Ulta and the sales page to find out if they still have what you want. Since you want to make sure youre getting everything you need, you go to your closet and start pulling out your clothes. You go back to UltaYou go back to Ulta and you find youve got a lot more stuff to choose from, and are now more interested in cosmetics instead of skincare products. You cant believe that you didnt realize this, but its obvious that you were going to check the sale page. You have a lot more money, so you spend quite a bit more. You figure if Ulta really is as good as they say, you could actually get a decent deal on something. 200 in one week and decide to buy one of the beauty products right now. While youre browsing, your phone comes to life. You check the time and see that its still 7:56 AM. Its been like that all day and you dont really want to get up to check the time on your phone. You check the timeYou check the time on your phone and see that its 3:56 PM. Youre not really in the mood to look at beauty products that you may or may not dislike. You really need to get up now. You open your door and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another one day and another week at your current job. You take a look at the time and realize you have no time for this. You spend your money on a bottle of nail polish you always get sent to test out at a store.

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