Ukrainian 'Let It Go' Girl Sings National Anthem at Charity Concert

The little Ukrainian girl who won over hearts with her rendition of a “Frozen” song is on to bigger and better things — and that would be her country’s national anthem.

7-year-old Amelia Anisovych performed “Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy” Sunday night at the Atlas Arena in Poland, where they were holding a charity concert to further Ukrainian aid there.

As you can see, Anisovych’s rendition was pretty stirring … with the crowd cheering her on, and even holding up their phone lights in solidarity. She got a huge round of applause once she wrapped, and for good reason — she was awesome!

The kid is famous for a now-viral video of her singing “Let It Go” from down in a bunker in Kyiv, where she and her family had been hiding out for several days as the city was under attack.

Although her parents stayed behind — Amelia, thankfully, made it out okay and is now across the Polish border … where it seems they’ve welcomed her with open arms and then some.

Considering how well she’s done so far in her music career, ya gotta figure she might have a future in the biz once this is all settled.

Well done!

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