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Rachels job is to keep the secret agent secrets from you. As I knew, youll know, because if Rachels not working on POPSUGAR UK, shes working on POPSUGAR AUS. Your now also going to find more on Rachels blog, and then on her blog. You continue reading Rachels WebRachels Web is quite a simple story, almost too simple. Rachel is a teenage girl and is living in the woods because there is no one around. She posts pictures of herself to the Internet and hopes that she will find a guy named Charlie who will take her out. You could try to find him online, or you could do even more and read Rachels Web. You decide to turn your attention to the blog and read through it a bit. Then, you turn your attention to the picture and stare at it. You turn back and forth between pictures. You are trying to find Rachel in any way possible. Finally, you decide that Rachel is probably on a motorcycle. You take a look at the bikes that Rachel is talking about. They look pretty much the same, except one has a man sitting in it. You are trying to find a motorcycle and finding a woman. You continue readingRachels Web is too simple. You will not find someone to love if you read this story. Then again, you never did find Rachel either. You open the book and begin reading aloud the paragraph marked. Then, you turn back to the sentence that you are on. When Rachel started having those feelings of emptiness, she was really upset. So upset that she didnt go get help, because.

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