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Our nail art pens allow for nail stamping. Weve got just about any kind of sticker you can think of. We also have a very cool sticker sheet store. If youre looking for something special, the sticker sheet is where to look. We also have some really neat decals. Our large decal sheet is an awesome place to look too. Customer ServiceWeve also got something bigger in store for our customers. We know that our customers, in general, want the best and were determined to give those customers what they want. The company started off as an idea and now its turned into something thats going to make customers happy. The more customer support we have, the more happy customers well have. After his latest attempt fails, the King declares that the Queen is now to be the Queen. However, the Queen seems to enjoy it very much, and has a sense of humor about it. She also seems to enjoy the fact that she is not only being given a chance to take on the title, but that she doesnt seem to be bothered by it, even as the Kings favorite. She finds it somewhat funny, as most people do, that they are actually to stand trial in a military court for treason. Her main concern is that her husband is displeased with her as well. The trial lasts several days, and before that, she was forced to run a gambling ring. When the verdict comes, it is a conviction of not only treason against the Crown, but also the King. She is thrown into the dungeon of the Palace and the doors of the dungeon are locked. Her trials and tribulations are not over, however. In her incarceration, she is visited at least a dozen times by the citizens of the land and a handful of her friends. One of them, a woman who wears the same bright red dress as the Queen, visits her. Her name is Isabella and she visits the Queen on a regular basis. They have never really talked too much in front of each other. However, their visits always have been filled with some small talk, and when Isabella asks what she has been up to, the Queen rarely ever says the truth. Im just trying to get through some of the stress youve put on me. You dont seem stressed at all, Isabella.

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