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For the price of one, you can get whatever is in thatidiots shoesbag. U s beauty Mart, Beauty Mart, Beauty Mart, Beauty Mart, Beauty Mart. T realize there was such a place where I could get everything I needed to make me feel better about myself like a perfect specimen in the best possible way. S about time I stopped worrying about my figure and just embraced it. Re not even my kind of shoes. I suppose at least they keep my feet dry. You can stop by after work today. You wave to the cashier who thanks you and heads back to his computer. S eyes follow you for a moment, which momentarily causes a brief twitch of discomfort on his part. Re an attractive woman with a pretty face and a pretty face alone, you still feel like you should dress up for this job. He says, and then goes back to clicking some buttons on the company website and other boring mundane stuff. Then you start looking around this beauty supply store that seems to have everything you could ever need. T know if they even have a beauty parlor. So far you see just a small section.

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