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Which makes me think theyre just making up this whole connection. But there is no way the government can afford to pay her to do this. You say noYou:, sigh, Well, I guess this is it. You:, sigh, Im tired of walking all over ourselves. Tyra:, sigh, You dont even want my help, do you. Its just that as far as Im concerned, its pointless for me to walk all the way here and all I have to do is stay home and not shop, which I dont even want to do anymore. I mean I used to think that it was important to shop, but maybe that was just because I was still depressed after the accident and all I cared about was spending money on shit that wouldnt improve my life in the slightest. I just want to be left alone to shop, but you cant leave me. You always tell me its my choice to shop or not, but then you never ask me if I want your help. Tyra:, sigh, I cant help everyone either. Youre different, but I cant help everyone. Plus, it wouldnt make any sense anyway. Im just some girl in the corporation that does the same thing you do. You think Im supposed to be helping you do your make-up or hair. I just think it would be nice if I could just shop at someplace where I wasnt being harassed all the time. Tyra:, exasperated, Well what kind of shop are you talking about. You:, muttering, Not your kind of shop, just some place where I wouldnt have to go when I get tired of being harassed. I mean yeah, I would shop at a place where people werent in such a hurry to leave so they could talk to me. Tyra:, sigh, Well thats too complicated. You:, chuckling, Yeah, too complex for you. Tyra:, exasperated, Dont make me laugh. The door slams down and you leave with your newfound shopping knowledge. You continue, You stand in front of the dressing room door and take a deep breath Tyra:, Sigh, Ive been wanting to try this dress for years, but I knew you wouldnt.

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