Ty;, ih-theer-ee-uhl byoo-tee, adjective, noun, plural -ties…

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The fourth time you see her, she has long, flowing hair and her clothing is more formal. S wearing exactly the same attire as the first time you saw her. Ve got a feel for it now when you see Mary again. Her beauty is only equaled by her power. Re not even alive right now. M the Queen of the Night, and this is how you repaid me. You decided to waste your time on this human. You turn to look at the old woman who is talking with her. T aware that other than the Queen of the Night that there was another being. I need you to help me kill this human. Re not going to be putting up much of a fight. But you want me to fight the humans. T even need to fight with me as I have taken on human form many times before.

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