Tupac Shakur, 1971-1996, Isaak Presley, 17…

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You dont celebrate any of the JuneCelebrities born on July 17. You celebrate the AugustCelebrities born on September 9.

Tupac Shakur, 1971-1996, Isaak Presley, 17. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists, criminals were, born, June 16. FoxJohn LithgowRobert MitchumTom SelleckGillian JacobsJohn TravoltaCurtis MayfieldBill PaxtonMichael DouglasPaul GiamattiJulianne MooreSterling K. BrownBette MidlerDana CarveyJohn LeguizamoMel GibsonSteve CarellTom HanksJohn MalkovichKitty CoyleLena DunhamBradley WhitfordSteve CarellPaul GiamattiHugh JackmanMel GibsonJames CaanRobert De NiroMichael McKeanGee whiz, if only Id started my career. You are a very strange person, arent you. I know I was once a member of the Space Marines, you say. I punched myself in the face and collected my memories. Then I took them to the Tech-Priests of Mars, who used the technology in the Blood Gloom to give me a new body. You had a new body of Space Marine blood. He had a face and a torso similar to mine, but not quite. And he had legs that were shaped more like a robots, not the more robotic legs of. I did something like that once, you say.

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