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The Soldier is a Heavy who was killed after the final death match of the Australium Cup. He was one of the last of the Heavy classes to be played, having his weapon stolen by a Scout and dying a brutal death at the hands of a Scout during the final death match of the tournament. The Soldiers likeness can be found on the left side of the Heavys Chest Armor, wearing it in memory of the fallen Heavy class. The Soldier appears in the Heavy-Only Update, appearing alongside the Sentry Gun, Demoman, Heavy Gunner, and Soldier of Fortune skins. He has since been modified a bit more, as seen in the Heavy-Only Update: The Soldier now sports a paint job based on his classs default colors, including the gold bandanas. The Soldiers name and model are also featured in the Heavy-Only Updates character selection screen. His voice pack can also be acquired from the Steam Workshop. The Heavy Soldier appears in the promotional video released for the demo. The Heavy Soldier appeared as a taunt in the Taunt Pack for the Soldier skin. OctoPatchThe Heavy Soldier skin is now tradable and craftable. The Heavy Soldier as he appears in the demo, with his name written in gold around his model. The Heavy Soldiers name appearing on the right side of his Heavy Chest Armor.

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