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You never thought you were this beautiful. You feel like you should just sit down and stare at the wall, but you figure youll at least get the hell out of here if the worst happens and she comes back with a shotgun. You give it one last chanceIm here to see my sister. You can just see her standing there in the corner. You wait for her to say something, but your do not meet her eye. Well its about damn time you showed up. Ive been waiting for you for days and you havent even told me where she is. Youre lucky I dont kill you right now. Im not here to kill you, but shes not here either. She gives you the same look she gave you earlier. Her mouth hangs open and she seems to be fuming. You think youre so tough huh. Ill show you tough, come on in the fucker. You walk inside the house and notice that her room is mostly the same, but theres a lot more junk in her room now. A lot of it you assume shes collecting or gathering. You walk over to your sisters desk and pick up the receiver she was using. Its a cheap Chinese model and the cord is so short that it wouldnt even reach to her throat. You look down at it and realize its probably the same one she dropped on the ground earlier. You pull out your phone and look up her phone number, shes got two different ones, one thats a long-distance one and one for the room shes currently in. After finding her cell phone number you head to your sisters room. When you get to the door, shes already in her shower, but she gives you a look and it looks like shes going to speak, but instead she takes out a towel and blocks the door from you. As you stand in the doorway, she starts screaming at you that she thinks youre going to come in here and kill her and shes going to kill you too. You run in the room and get the shower ready, you didnt even get dressed with her in the room, you just went in to dry off. You exit the van and get out of the car.

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