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Re going to know when new episodes of the webtoon are being released. Just be sure not to miss the first new episode. Ve got all the webtoons I want from the app. D LIKE to have all the webtoons without having to click the QR code every time. A few minutes pass and you get the message:New Episode. The World is a Beautiful Place and You Are Most Likely Going to Die of Dysentery. You had forgotten how quickly the show could come and go. D be so much a part of it, but here you are again. You look at the page and see that it says it can only be viewed on the WEB TOON app. The URL is not valid on any other device. You try it on a tablet and it throws a blue screen of death. Ll never hurt to try it out on something else. You put on the blue tinted glasses and open up the WEB TOON app. You fire it up and immediately it starts downloading it onto your phone and then onto your computer. T believe no one has ever told you about this. Ve watched enough of those shows on the internet to know that there is always more.

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