Tristan Thompson STILL Thinks He Can Win Khloé Kardashian Back?! She’ll 'Never' Give Him Another Chance!

It took five years and multiple cheating scandals, but Khloé Kardashian is finally, completely done with Tristan Thompson.

As we’ve been reporting, the basketball star finally publicly owned up to fathering a child with another woman while cheating on the star last spring. He wrote on his Instagram Story that he has “the utmost respect and love for” her, despite the fact that his actions have been consistently disrespectful from day one. (Remember how Tristan possibly cheated on his pregnant ex Jordan Craig with Khloé, and then cheated on Khloé while SHE was pregnant?!)

According to a source for Us Weekly, the Sacramento Kings player somehow thinks he can weather this latest infidelity storm:

“Tristan wants to make everything right with Khloé. He wants to win her back, but she will never take him back romantically after learning about his cheating. This was the final straw.”

An insider for E! News agreed:

“She is still very upset and it’s been hard for her to accept this. After everything they have been through, he was still saying one thing and doing another. She knows she deserves so much better.”

Another E! source reaffirmed that the reality star is “very disappointed and hurt by him,” but she’s also “relieved to be done” at this point. They shared:

“Khloe is all about trust and loyalty. She feels disrespected. She’s ready to move on.”

So instead of weaseling his way back into KoKo’s good graces, the E! insider claimed the athlete “will continue to coparent and follow the custody schedule they have for True, but that is it.” Meanwhile, the Good American founder is “staying strong” for her daughter, according to the Us source. They added:

“Her family and best friends are really her biggest support system.”

Of course, the KarJenners are super involved in all the drama as well – and another Us source said they’re “on the road to accepting what he’s done,” though “it will take some time.” That source stated:

“The Kardashians aren’t taking the news lightly.”

While the famous fam is “finding a way to move forward” amidst the controversy, at first they “really didn’t know who to believe” regarding Maralee Nichols’ allegations about their affair. Tristan had fervently disputed the paternity case and many details of her story. However, the Us insider noted:

“When he posted about the results, it really just confirmed Maralee’s side of the story.”

While the first E! source claimed Khloé’s “family is relieved that it seems she is finally ready to move on and let go,” they’ve also accepted he’ll still be in the KarJenner orbit as True’s daddy. The second Us insider added:

“He can’t just disappear from their lives.”

Maybe not, but hopefully he won’t cause them as much drama and embarrassment in the future! We’re just glad Khloé is finally moving on. Hopefully she’ll find a partner she truly deserves.

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