Tricoci University is an accredited beauty school offering cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, …

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You choose CosmetologyYour eyes wander to a woman with long, jet-black hair standing near the wall, looking up at you. We need to get you a haircut, but Im not a barber. Jane stares at you blankly for a moment, then nods. They both exit the salon, and walk down a hall where you see a door in a decorative wooden frame. Jane nods, takes the key from you, and unlocks the door. And then Janes head, covered by a red bandana, comes through the door and stares at you. She lets go of the key and backs away slowly, as if you were some sort of dangerous beast that shed like to avoid at all costs. If you didnt know better, youd think I was a whore. The door opens out onto a small, dimly lit hallway. Theres a set of stairs down the center of the passageway. Youre fairly certain they lead to the basement of this house or another. Well, I dont know whats down there, you say. But I could go get my hair cut in the salon. No, Im afraid Id have to wait, Jane says. Im sorry, but I dont know where the salon is. All Ive been able to find on my phone is this email address. You stand there, holding her keys, looking at each other for a moment. Its a pretty awkward situation, and youre not sure that you want to deal with it. The key in her hand is the one that will get you out of here. You take her keysYou grip the key and she takes her keys. Then, before you can say anything else, shes gone. You head back upstairsYou walk upstairs and enter the room where you found your keys. Theres a door to the right, and a large wooden dresser to the left. You open the door at the other end of the room.

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