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Im a filthy, greedy, selfish, bitch whos gonna put YOU before everyone else. Im a greedy bitch who cares only about my self. Thats why Im such an evil-hearted and vicious person. You have a lot to offer on so many levels. Youre smarter and youve got the intelligence and the natural abilities to find my weaknesses, you could even save me from getting killed and get us out of this situation. You feel the rage building within your chest, but youre going to be selfish anyway. A flash of white as you see the reflection of yourself in your mirror. Tears stream down your face, but a small smile comes to your face as well, as you see your reflection. Your life has been pure hell from the time you were born. Youve never had a good experience in your life. From the very beginning, your moms family have always treated you as an object to be used for their own twisted pleasure. Ve always been the chosen one, a hero that people are going to follow. D never ever cheat on you love. The tears start to stop and then start to flow. You have a choice to be a good person or continue being a demon. If you had chosen to be kind before, now would be a good time to do it. You could at least save her life by having fun with.

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