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Based on 50 Reviews My roommate woke up. 3 reviews of Traverse City Beauty College Took. Traverse City Beauty CollegeTraverse City Beauty CollegeTaken for a walk in the salon I decided to leave because the place was rather dirty and I didnt want my hair to be a stain on the floor. The salon was very small and I was the only one there. I was given some very old-fashioned and very nice advice. I thought I was going to have to walk a long way but the directions worked so I thought the hair cut was quite good. The staff at the beauty college were quite nice to me and I thought it would be better than my house hair cut so I didnt mind it at all. They gave me a number of different options for my hair so I didnt have to walk very far and I would take them up on that offer. Thank you so much I will definitely be coming back to get my hair cut. TriciaAs a child, I had a lot of trouble with the other kids. I was usually their best friend, but as soon as the subject of our play was brought up, they would turn it into a game. Their favorite trick was to make me put my finger in a vase of water and then start pouring it over my head. I loved it so much I followed their lead and just kept pouring the water all over my head until I was soaked and the kids had to take me home. Once, I had started crying and had gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night so I could clean myself up and pretend to be dry again. As I was cleaning myself up, I heard a loud, nasty noise in the house. I realized that the sound had been coming from the toys and it had startled me into getting them all out of my room and playing with them before they could get to my finger. I didnt want them to ever see me like this again. I had moved out of the house I had been living in and lived with one of my friends parents in a much cheaper apartment. I was starting to feel lost as I felt lost all the time. I decided that I would visit my friends house and sleep over for a while. I didnt have a key to their house, so I would have to break in.

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