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Shop Sephoras Travel Size Toiletries for the New Season now:See more See lessLike this: Like Loading. There are two ways that you can get there from the airport: Drive out of the airport itself or take a bus from there to the city centre. Driving out of the airport is the quickest way, though its not the most scenic. Getting a bus to the city centre is also the most affordable option, and its the one we recommend, as it gets you to the best places and the fastest. From the airport, its only a 5 minute walk to the main shopping street, which you might recognise as the Zadar Grand Place, but theres always a good chance of seeing a lot more sights along the way. The bus from the airport takes about an hour to get to the city centre. You can also catch the metro for just 90 Zloty, which costs about 10 Zloty more than it would outside the airport. Once youve got a ticket for the tramunderground, youll ride through a great part of Zadars center, the area inside the big circle station The tram itself can easily make the journey to the Zadar Grand Place in around 3 hours. If you want to save a little time on your way to the Zadar Grand Place, take a tram to the first stop marked Zloty Bank and go there immediately. The next stations after the Zloty Bank are the first ones to visit and its a nice thing to see when you reach them. As youd expect, there are loads of tourists around the Zadar Grand Place and the places you might be interested to visit. While there are a few things that you may find interesting on the first sight, we suggest going to the Zadar Grand Place after taking the tram, because it is where its at. If it was up to us, wed like to give you a good list of things to see and do along the way once you reach the Zadar Grand Place, but theres no real way to know where to go. You could stop off for a long time in one of the nearby villages to explore the area and maybe buy something. You could visit one of the many little market towns and see if prices are cheaper elsewhere. Which is a reasonable offer if youre tired of all the traveling.

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