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He asks for a few names and then looks at you, then the man who was talking to him. He says and hands Laura a copy of the paper. S an incorrect sentence and you have to make up to the editor. Because she knows what the right one is and the whole point of this meeting is to talk about it. THE FUCKING POINT OF THIS MEETING IS TO TALK ABOUT AN ARTICLE THAT IS INACCURATE. T let this one person determine the direction of our movement for equality.

Rickys books are so bad, there is a need for a radical paradigm shift. The actress then calls out for an inclusive approach to the media that doesnt perpetuate homophobia, we need movies, books and music that dont glamorize hatred against LGBTQ people. She also says, inclusivity demands that we change the tone of our pop culture, but Id like to propose a simpler solution. Weve seen it happen with The God Emperor and with the mainstream medias treatment of the topic. These are the things that we can do, now. THE ENDYoure reading Steamed, Kotakus page dedicated to all things in and around the gaming industry. Games, culture, community creations, criticism, guides, videos, POV videos. Novels, fandom, social media, social gaming, comics, and everything in between. If youve found anything coolawful on ST, let us know on any of those accounts or even better, by posting a response or posting a link to your own cool stuff.

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