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You say and head to the door with Drake following closely behind. When you get to the door, you turn it and enter. The room you are in has only two beds and a television. There are two old men sitting at the desk next to a large pile of files. One of them looks to be in his mid-thirties and is clean shaven. The other man is much older, but his face is wrinkled. He must be in his forties, but he has a full head of white hair and is very balding. I had the Director of the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, Mr. Drake, write a paper on the subject just for this report. S a study into the effect of the movie Tramontane, starring Cameron Diaz, had on college students. This movie was released five years ago, but the research was completed in 2003. Steve says while flipping through a folder. Drake, you said the research was completed five years ago. T come out until four in the morning. Yeah, but Steve, the movie is about a college girl who falls in love with a bus driver.

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