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The old man just gives you a blank stare. The old man says, continuing to pace back and forth in front of the counter. The old man gets into a contemplative mood, and goes back to staring at the counter. After about a half hour of waiting, he speaks up. Ll be picking up some of your trash later today, maybe I can clean up some of your messes in return. S not my job to clean up your messes. S not my job to change your ways. The old man just sighs and shakes his head. He turns to walk out, but he pauses in the middle. T even know why he pauses. Re awfully eager to move on to other things. When you fall asleep that night, you dream about a small town. It looks so much more peaceful than the city. You find a small shop with a couple of animals for sale and eat meat strips before sleeping. You wake up early the next morning and wander down the streets of the small town. You see a group of men walking along the wall of a large castle. Re all holding weapons that look more like machine guns than guns. Some of them are pointing them at the group and some are waving their arms wildly.

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