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There are a couple small boxes of products in it, but most of the items are quite expensive and youre really not sure if you want to spend that much on skin care products. Plus, its not like you like the feel of lotion on your skin. Re not sure about spending that much money for skin care products in one place. Ll have some money to travel with for those fancy spa events. Re deciding what to get, you see the price tag on something at the bottom of the screen. You spend the rest of the day making your choice and you ultimately pick up the Allure Beauty Box. S a really big box, almost as big as you are by at least a foot and a half. You go over and look at the picture of yourself in the box. T wait to start using all the products you picked out. You finally put it all together this morning and you pull the top off. You say and run your fingers through your hair. M not that young anymore, not even in my forties. You look at Julie who is still sleeping and start to get frustrated. Ve wanted to spend money on myself, I just have this innate sense of safety about me.

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