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When you wake up, you realize that you cant even run. Re completely defenseless, and as you start to panic, something catches your eye. Re naked, lying face down on a concrete floor, and you can hear laughter and the clanking of metal from your right. You take a quick inventory of your surroundings: You think you saw a door open in the wall a little ways away, on the right side of this house. As you cautiously peek around the corner, you see a man in a t-shirt and shorts standing right in front of you, holding a bottle of something. You exclaim, as you quickly back out of the way. Re certainly not going to be getting hit by a bottle now. The man starts to walk towards you, but you suddenly stop him by grabbing him by the shoulder. M going to be taking over your room. I assume you were here to rent it out. Re going to have to go to the bathroom a lot and the smell is fucking overpowering at this point. Bottles, used tissues, toilet paper, and a lot of it.

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