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The most-recent Forbes Top-Earning Dead Celebrity list for 2019 puts Jackson and Presley at 1 and 2 and heres how they, re inclined to rate the 2. Jackson JacksonPresley Elvis PITTSBURGH The Pittsburgh Penguins did not make it a secret that they wouldnt be putting out any big feelers for a potential trade of star forward Sidney Crosby following the conclusion of the regular season. They kept it all pretty tight-lipped when they arrived in the city on Monday night for the start of the Eastern Conference Final against the Washington Capitals. The only hint that the Penguins had to suggest what their intentions might be was the sight of defenseman Kris Letang leaving the ice on crutches with a bag on his shoulder. But when the team put out a release in the hours before the Penguins and Capitals squared off, it was the rest of the world that learned their secret. He didnt feel he had a good enough chance against Washington. That was the word in Pittsburgh on one hand, and a more direct denial on the other when word began to leak out in Washington that the Capitals were going to claim Letang off waivers from the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday night. The question is would the Capitals be better served by having Letang around. The answer seems to be yes, but it is a tough one to figure out. The Penguins are trying to make the playoffs for just the second time in their history, and theyre trying to get as deep as they can in the process. The best way to do that is to keep as much cap space as they can. The question remains whether or not the Capitals will be better off with Letang. Photo: David ZalubowskiAP, The question remains whether or not the Capitals will be better off with Letang. The Capitals have been busy this off-season trying to get younger and more mobile, and Letang is one of the many players they appear to be targeting in that regard. On paper at least, the Capitals would be better off moving Letang than Letang would be moving to Washington because they would be getting a player that is younger, cheaper and arguably just as good of a matchup.

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