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I am the host of The Celebrity Buzz, the most popular talk show, and the top-rated talk show in my site area.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag. Click here to view original GIFI hope you all enjoyed this awesome compilation. If you did, leave a comment below telling me what the best celebrities of all time are, and yes, a list of 50 is still better than a list of 1, 2, 5 or 10DescriptionThis is one of the best social networks around. TechCrunchIts an easy way to keep up with real-time gossip and news in your city. CNET Winner of the iF Productivity Award, 2013, Kokomo, a fast-growing app that lets you follow your friends and see what theyre up to is now available in more than 35 cities across the US. Comment on posts: write an announcement, post a video, or just tell your friend Wish you were somewhereKokomo is a way for people to connect and build closer relationships. When you use Kokomo, youre connecting with your contacts on the app. You can also meet in person in new cities to continue building those friendships. If you live with others or are roommates, Kokomo is a great way to stay in touch, because you can view what others are up to and be on the same page. If youre a freelancer, a professional musician, or a writer, the app will give you real-time contact and feedback for what youre up to. If youre a parent, it might be a great way to keep in touch with your child and give you real-time access to what theyre up to. This app features no in-app purchases or third-party advertising. Kokomo is free to download and use, but to make Kokomo work for you, we offer a set of in-app purchases that you can use to unlock features and content. Please see our Privacy Policy for details on how we collect information from you. In addition, the information you provide with your contact details is shared with the people you add on the app. We use this information to notify you if your contacts post new content, to respond to any comments you make, to let you know about special events, and to inform you about things that might interest you. You can delete your contact information at any time by un-checking the share information with Kokomo friends box at their profile screen. I think I got the perfect color scheme for this game, Im trying this out for the first time and I just want to see what I can.

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