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You see the Curvy Plus Size Body Shaming. You see the Curvy Plus Size Body Shaming. Theres been a lot of body shaming ever since the advent of the internet and plus size women. What began as words or phrases, has turned into body shaming pictures, videos and comments that are too extreme to even make sense to a large portion of human beings. The people who do this, are not only body shaming the women, but all the women that they perceive to be like them, which is pretty much every woman that doesnt fully conform to their idea of what a good woman looks like. Whats even worse, is most of these girls and women have no idea what theyre actually doing and are under the constant influence of the same type of self hatred that women of color have been battling all their lives, if not more. The way I see it, is when a girl or woman tells me theyre Curvy, theyre probably a little on the chubby side. They probably grew up in a household filled with food and as an adolescent grew into a normal body. When they say theyre Curvy, theyre probably more curvy than most of the normal-curvy women who live in their areas, or maybe theyre a little more curvy than most, just normal-curvy is so last decade with all the Photoshop and Photoshopping nowadays And I can tell the difference and Im not ashamed to admit it. Im not ashamed to tell my friends who are also curvy that theyre not that curvy since I can, because I actually know and understand what its like to wear clothes that dont fit, and my friends also know what its like. Ive seen people say things that you wouldnt think you could possibly encounter on the Internet, and thats what body shaming is, and its disgusting, and its unacceptable and its lazy. Well, one thing that I think we can do is just stop doing it. And this applies to ALL of us, You cant fight something that doesnt exist. The other thing we can do is start saying no to the things that make us unhappy. I want to be happy, I want to be in a relationship, when Im 30. I want to dress the way I want to dress the way I want to look for the rest of my life. And if thats not possible, well I at least want to be happy to a degree.

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