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So, it is very important that you can get them. You watch your new friends from afar, with a little disappointment for your absence. You can see them working and chatting over each other, and you realize with a little pride how much you had contributed to the community. You begin thinking back to the day your father had told you to get some work. He said that you shouldnt stay at home and be a baby, but rather you should go out and earn money just like his daughter. Maybe, your work here at the circus is good enough to get you out of the mud hole of your living, but its too little for your father to earn for you. And so you must leave this world early to go out and to earn the money your father cant give you. You have all the time in the world to write your great love. The crowd begins to thin, and a lone person runs out after you, with only two balls in each hand. You smile and wave goodbye as you make your way back to the door. You stare in the direction of where your old house is and wonder whats going on. There are so many people in your stomach you cant move. You have come too far and you cant stop now. You run towards where you had left your door and you cant take it anymore. You shove your fists against the ground and feel your strength draining away as you fall at the speed of light. The next thing you know, you wake up to the sound of someone screaming. You sit up and find yourself in a dark room. The light from the candle that you had used to wake up is out. You grab your phone and find out your mother is dead. And you didnt even do anything to her.

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