Tomboy and sexy are not mutually exclusive terms…

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I can honestly say my tomboy side has grown on me over the years, and my tomboyish ways have made me a lot smarter. I guess that s why Im still single after all these years. I mean, I was in the military before the Vault opened, and I served my country. Sure, the Empire was still a real threat at the time, but I had a purpose. Military service keeps you fit and helps you prepare yourself as a person, which is a good thing during a nuclear holocaust. You dont get a straight answer from her at first, but she eventually explains the advantages of the army. So you dont see yourself as a soldier then. You dont see yourself as doing the thing that youre required to do in your job. I mean I worked in the military before, after the Vault opened, but I didnt see myself as part of it. You continueBut, yeah, I guess I just see myself as a person who works hard and tries to make their lives better in any way they can, which is good enough for me I guess. In the longer term, I might have to make a change and get something else to stay motivated to do that though. You continueSo you dont think youre a good enough worker to stay here. You think you can find a better job somewhere else. I mean I suppose I could, but I think I just might not be good at certain things like making quick decisions, or making split-second decisions. In my line of work Im given a lot of freedom, and I suppose that makes me loose track of time, because I do tend to lose track of time sometimes. I can work here for the rest of my life and get paid, but maybe Ill keep looking for something better, or I might just keep working here. The woman laughs, which makes you smile, and a little unsure, or perhaps a little excited, you start going into what you do and why you went into this line of work. After about a week of talking, you find yourself getting on quite well with the woman. At first she seems a little suspicious of you because youve been here so long and youre apparently so different from other people, but you explain what youre doing and give some of your old information back along with the new information youve given. She asks questions that you didnt even think of, or had any idea you had, and you find yourself explaining to her everything.

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