Tom Parker bravely vowed to ‘ignore’ brain cancer to focus on his wife and children

Tom Parker vowed not to “pay any attention” to his brain tumour a mere few months before his tragic death was announced on Wednesday 30 March.

The 33 year old had said before he passed away that he wished to put his focus towards his family rather than his brain tumour, which doctors had told him was “stable” and “under control” towards the end of last year.

Tom was diagnosed with with grade four glioblastoma in October 2020 and been told at the time it was "the worst case scenario" with a prediction of having 12 to 18 months left to live.

Speaking in September 2021 about the much-publicised condition of his health, Tom said he preferred to place his attention elsewhere so that the disease didn’t “consume” his life.

"It's not that I'm ignoring cancer but I just don't want to pay it any attention," he told BBC Breakfast.

"The more attention you pay it, the more it consumes your life and I don't want to consume my life.

"I've got kids, I've got family. So I just try and just ignore it as much as possible."

The Wanted star organised a charity concert with his bandmates that month, which saw them reunited after seven years as they performed at the Royal Albert Hall alongside various acts including Ed Sheeran, and McFly.

The proceeds from the concert were given to Channel 4 charity Stand Up to Cancer as well as the National Brain Appeal in support of more progressive treatments towards fighting cancer.

Tom had previously said that he was “staggered” better treatments hadn’t been discovered for those dealing with brain tumours after a vaccine was produced within a year of the emergence of Covid-19.

Tom and wife Kelsey spoke exclusively to OK! in December about possibly trying for a third child — although Tom admitted at the time he was concentrating more on his “new mission in trying to better the treatment for cancer".

“Tom keeps saying he’s broody! We don’t know, we can’t say when,” Kelsey said.

“With everything in life at the moment, it’s hard to plan.”

"That’s the one thing I have taken from this journey, there’s no point thinking about tomorrow. None of us are guaranteed it, so we have to live for now," Tom added.

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