Tom Holland Doesn't Care That He's Shorter Than Costar GF Zendaya

Tom Holland and his girlfriend, Zendaya, don’t always see eye to eye — and that’s mostly because she’s taller than him … something TH does not see a problem with.

The ‘Spider-Man’ stars made an appearance this week on a Sirius XM Town Hall, where the moderator brought up their height difference … to which Tom, Zen and their costar, Jacob Batalon, started to roll their eyes. That is, until the host took it in a different direction.

She made the point that it’s not a big deal — and even went so far as to say that enforcing stereotypes about men having to be taller than women was misogynistic and problematic.

Tom and co. agreed with her — but Spidey also wanted to set the record straight … namely, that his on-and-off-screen partner isn’t THAT much taller than him. He says she’s just a couple inches or so taller, which jibes with their listed heights — Tom’s 5’8″, and Z is 5’10”.

Eventually, they all got on the same page, saying it’s stupid to think a guy has to be taller than a girl — whether it’s in real life, or in a superhero movie.

There seems to be differing POVs on what Marvel was going for here by casting a taller Mary Jane. Tom suggests it may have been done intentionally, in a sort of break-the-mold move. Meanwhile, Zendaya says sometimes they cheat a shot to make him seem taller.

In any case, the takeaway here might just be … height ain’t nothing but a number. And more importantly, short dudes can pull tall chicks — the proof is in the pudding!

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