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Previous Index Next sexy05:27 PM Sexxy says,Sexxy is right, I really need to get in shape. Saturday Night6:35 PM I know I only have like three cards in my hand and my hand size has only gotten worse, but I can smell the pot. Ive given up on just sitting outside the room drinking, and I cant have my chances of being drunk with the girl in my arms for some reason if I only have one hand. Id give anything just to have a bowl or cup or something to puke in. Im going to get so stoned I might be drunk by the time I get to the game I have to go to, but I need to keep playing. I dont really want to get in trouble at school, I want to get as high as possible, but I cant just get in trouble. Fuck, I need to get up early the next day. I need to make as many pot cards as I can, to hit as many of the red kudzu cards as I can. I mean I cant even hit the white kudzu, I just dont have enough hands to do it. I dont want to get high, I just need to not get a freaking F on the test tomorrow. Fuck, if I dont get high today I may as well not bother. You keep playing anywayI cant play and not take the fucking pot. No amount of pot will change my mind. Ive made my decision, and its not to get high. Even if I dont hit a red kudzu, I want to get as high as possible today. I just hope I can get lucky with my hands.

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