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JUNEJune is traditionally regarded as the worst month of the year. It is said to be the month in which one is at his most susceptible to temptation because of the summer heat and the abundance of certain foods. And yet, during May, June, and July one is supposed to be at their purest and healthiest state of being. If it can only be determined which month that is, that person, with a firm resolve, must abstain from anything that has the power of tempting him to such immorality. If it can be determined, then that is the month to which that person must be devoted. JUNYJuna was a Semitic goddess of the underworld and was sometimes called the Lady of the Netherworld. KEVINKerry, a city in Texas, a town in Texas, a city in Texas. KIDNAPPEDKidnapped is a noun that could be describing the act of being taken away by someone. Kidnapped as a verb means to take something by force or to detain someone against their will. A killer as a noun is a person who has killed; or a person who makes others kill. KING CHIPKing Chip is the character played by Christopher Walken in the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He has the ability to change his appearance and sometimes the voice of his voice box. KEYBOARDSA keyboard is a device, like a piano, that has keys that can play musical notes. KING OF JAPANKing of Japan is one of the worlds last absolute monarchs. KING OF THE JAPANESE JAPANESEKorean is a language that was developed from an amalgamation of Chinese, Japanese and Chinese dialects. KILLZONEA killzone is a place where killing is possible; a zone is a region or area.

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