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I dont know about you, but I find myself looking a lot better when Im slimmer, so heres a list of some skinny celebrities who have at least lost 10 lbs. Mariah CareyIm actually impressed that shes not slimmer, because shes still pretty damn slim. Jennifer AnistonNow Im surprised Aniston isnt slimmer. Even if her boobs are kinda ginormous even for her height. Jennifer LopezLopez still has one of the greatest bodies in Hollywood, but shes really starting to look a little old for this list. Bette MidlerMidler is one of the most voluptuous starlets of all time, but its evident that shes pretty thin these days. Victoria PrincipalVic has never been the picture of health, but she has lost a few pounds. Mariah CareyWell, weve finally got one thin performer on this list. I can understand why Mariah is so thin, considering shes anorexic, but it takes a certain kind of talent not to gain weight like that. Jennifer TillyTilly isnt skinny as much as she isnt fat. She even admitted that she had a lot of trouble trying to find a new diet that didnt result in her gaining weight. Mariano RiveraYou know, I always thought that Mariano Rivera was too tall for being a baseball player. Rita MorenoI still think of Rita Moreno as being the fat actress. Morenos been the butt of some really mean jokes in the past, and I guess she doesnt care, since shes still slim. Mariah CareyThis has to be the only position on this list in which Carey looks best because shes just a little on the skinnier side. I think shed look even better if she lost a little more weight. If someone has a great fat jokes, feel free to add them in the comments. Have you stopped yourself from gaining weight while you were watching Friends. Lets see the list of fat celebrities, shall we. Im sure we can all agree that this list is just pathetic. Continue Reading Below AdvertisementIf youre in the mood to hate on fat celebrities, check it out in the comments below. We have the original Fat Celebrity Rant that started the whole thing: Fat Celebrity Rant. This one was written by me and is the best: Fat Celebrity Rant 2We have a Fat Celebrity Rant.

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