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Mansi Indian Beauty Salon and Makeup Shop1235 N. 10:00pmComments, 5, Posted by: nicholas Aug3:02:14 PMI live in the same neighborhood and have been going to Mansi Indian Beauty Barbershop for over a year. Its my go-to when I need a haircut and the owner is always helpful and welcoming. Posted by: Randal Aug5:46:47 PMMansi is the best I shop there regularly for the past 3 years. They have a huge selection of hair colors from which I get what I want. The owner is also very friendly and greets you everytime you walk in. I usually go to the Barber Shop and get my hair cut while chatting with some of the other men there. Posted by: Margo Aug6:14:51 PMJust wanted to add that Mansi has been my go to shop for hair and makeup for the past several years and the owner is always welcome to come into the shop even when Im not there. So many other people have already said nice things about him too. Its sad that the other establishments in the area have been losing business, but I can only hope the owners of the current one will be able to compete. Posted by: Margo Aug7:22:16 PMThanks all for the comments. Randal – I was just going to point out that I havent had an issue at Mansi because its the only place I go to. I dont think the other stores around have been losing business like they were before. Margo – You may be right, but like I said, Ive had no issue in the past at the other shops. I think a lot of the other establishments are just trying to make more money as opposed to their customers. Just so were clear: have you had an issue with any of the other shops around. Posted by: Margo Aug7:33:13 PMI just wanted to clarify that I dont think the other stores around the area are losing business. My shop has had to deal with a fair bit of gentrification lately, but.

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