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Hi I have been wanting to post the pictures of my head for a while now and I finally got around to it. M sure they will give the general idea. T taken in the morning, but I was asleep at the time so I just woke up a little late. Report PostIn an effort to increase public scrutiny of controversial state policies, the National Organization for Marriage is hosting several of its members nationwide to give speeches about their positions on marriage and same-sex marriage. In a press release announcing the speaking tour, NOM President Brian Brown said we strongly encourage pro-family conservatives to come to our events and discuss their positions for the public record. The speakers scheduled so far include: Jim Dandy, a radio talk show host, who has claimed that same-sex marriage is a social experiment, ; Ed Shultz, a retired attorney and author who claims that the Left is trying to turn children into lesbians; John J. Eastman, pastor of Christ Community Church and a former member of the California National Organization for Marriage and the National Organization for Marriage, now called Marriage Alliance, ; Robert George, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and a fellow at the Center for Security Policy; and David Lane, a leader of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, NARTHSpeaking events are being organized by the NOM-associated Americans United For Separation Of Church and State.

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