TikToker Sues Spa Over Botched Chemical Peel Procedure

The TikToker who claims his face was left with splotches all over after a facial gone wrong is taking the spa that did it to court … because he just sued, like he said he would.

Neyo White filed suit against Diamond Facez Skin Care Bar for what he says was a botched chemical peel that burned his mug … leaving discoloration and peeling behind that he claims were incredibly painful and distressing.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, White describes how he got this done in February. At the time, he was told the burning was normal and not to worry. However, he claims it was anything but … and has pictures he says show the severe burns left by the peel.

He says he suffered skin disfigurement and possibly permanent scarring from the burns. He also claims he’s suffered pain and suffering over the alleged injuries … including shock, fear, mental anguish, etc.

As we previously told you … this whole thing might’ve been averted if the spa had just refunded what he paid for the chemical peel — a mere $150 he claims the establishment refused to hand back.

Now, he’s asking for compensatory and punitive damages of at least $500,000.

BTW … White is also suing the esthetician, whom he says partly owns the place and performed his procedure. White claims she failed to renew her license, which he says lapsed back in August 2021.

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