TikTok Christmas Prank Killing Cher and Jon Bon Jovi Gets People Sick

A viral trend spreading on the video-sharing platform has kids filming their families’ reactions to fake news of the deaths of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta and many more.

AceShowbiz -Christmas is supposed to be an occasion for a joyful celebration with the loved ones, but a viral TikTok trend has tugged at family members’ heartstrings. Amid the holiday, a trend is going viral on the platform depicting people’s reactions to fake celebrity death announcements.

Users have been sharing videos of them filming family members’ reactions as they announced the fake deaths of some stars like Cher, Jon Bon Jovi, Oprah Winfrey, Howard Stern and John Travolta among others.

In one video, a voice behind the camera said, “Oh my God. Cher dead at 81,” while a group of people at a party wailed, “Nooo!” In another video, a prankster told her mom, “Jon Bon Jovi dead at 60, heart attack.” Her mom reacted by shouting, “What?! Get out of here!”

While some of the reactions were hilarious, not all were amused with the prank. After Pop Crave shared a compilation video of the TikTok Christmas celebrity death prank, one person commented, “This is so sick.” Another called it “weird,” while a third person added that it’s “weird and unsettling.”

“Yeah. I’m not subscribing to this one,” another reacted to the video. “Damn where did we go wrong with our youth??” someone weighed in, as another slammed the trend, “This shi so lame what.”

Jon Bon Jovi apparently caught wind of the prank that “killed” him as he has posted an update on his Instagram account, letting his fans know that he “made it onto the tree this year!” He was featured smiling while putting an ornament on his Christmas tree in a picture.

Meanwhile, his brother Matt Bongiovi tweeted a response to the TikTok trend on Christmas Eve. “TikTok trend … Jon is alive and well,” he wrote, cheekily adding, “But the reactions … some kids aren’t getting presents.”

Jon Bon Jovi’s brother Matt Bongiovi let people know the singer is alive despite the death prank.

Cher has not responded to the prank that faked her death, but it’s suffice to say that she’s happily in love now. Recently, she sparked engagement rumors with her boyfriend A.E. after posting a picture of a diamond ring on Twitter. “I posted this cause his nails are so cool,” she wrote in the caption.

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