Throughout the years of the Kentucky Derby, the race has had a special appeal …

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The residentss favorite event of the year is the 144th Kentucky Derby. You say this as you slowly stand from the chair and exit the room. You ask as you start back towards the door. No, Im sure we can, I mean Im sure you can do this. Its just that you have been here for so long its kinda hard to trust you. Plus youre not exactly known as a man who will just do anything if he feels like it. I mean you do what you gotta do, you do the best that you can and you move on. I know you can do this, Ive tried to change your mind about a lot of times before and every time you just brush me off, and you know Im right about that. S sleeve to get it off of you, you then close your eyes and just let it fall to the floor beside you and continue to speak. Re good at what you do and youre so good at it, just like how I always knew you would be. Re about to tell her all the reasons why you feel like you need to be with her, but you stop yourself instead. Ll text you the address later, okay. T want to be up all night worrying about whether this is going to work out or not. On the bright side, this means that you have some extra time to go over any of the things you may have missed. T shake your initial feelings about the room, you can at least put these feelings out of your mind and move on. You head to the hotel bar on the same floor of the hotel where you first met your mother. I need to know what you want to see first though.

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