This lush take on the classic fairy tale follows a merchants …

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More Info 0 0 0 4 1Like what you see. Please consider supporting Independent Media by Contributing Today. The end of the threat of a world without any strong governments. Well, you did, but in the end, it doesnt matter. No matter what happens, you are not the Emperor, and you are certainly not the King. All you feel is a sadness that you cannot stop. You were a human being once, and now you are nothing. As you slowly fade away, no longer capable of movement, your consciousness fades alongside it. You see the King standing there with a smile on his face. The King just continued smiling, and walked past you. Without warning, a spear pierced through you, leaving a bloody hole in your side. The humans are still here, and I will take my time with them. The human army is not easily taken out. If there was one thing you knew, it was how to fight. You had been trained as a soldier by the finest minds of the Imperial Army, you had experienced countless battles and won against every conceivable foe. But, for a single battle where you lost so suddenly, it wasnt enough. You give upYou turn to your side, and see that while the human army is still active in their attack on the capital, all the soldiers that were around you have moved past. You start to walk in the direction the King took, heading to your camp. You head past the camp and towards your tent. You hear some of the campfire men laughing, but there isnt an immediate response from you. You see the King and a few other people, and they are also gone as you walk past. The King sighs heavily, sighing a lot of it in fact.

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