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Your vote: MadonnaGet the VICE App on iOS and AndroidIn early 2009, after being out of the game for a couple of years, we received a cease-and-desist letter from the developer of a game called League of Legends. The developer, a popular YouTube personality known as MundaneMatt, claimed that we could not use the word League in our game, despite the fact we had used the name in promotional material. It was the first time League of Legends had ever been mentioned in a legal notice, let alone one that could hurt its creator. In short, he argued the word League had trademarked meaning so broad that it included almost any type of online multiplayer game. He also argued that the use of the word in our game would not make it a fair use, and that we had no case at all. The Electronic Software Association, which had represented League developers in their case against us, argued against us arguing the opposite. Our own lawyer, Ben Bleiweiss, argued for a victory for us on the grounds that the game itself was not infringing a copyright and was therefore not a fair use. We won because a small group of us, representing a small number of lawyers, stood up to a much larger, corporate gaming company and won. This is not the first time the Internet has intervened on behalf of intellectual property rights. It was in the 1990s that the worlds first Web pages became available. Copyright restrictions on works that could be accessed via the Internet would not have made it possible to preserve them. In 2012, copyright restrictions on the Internet will almost certainly make it impossible to preserve works made possible by the Internet, including the works of the filmmakers behind films like The Social Network and The Great Gatsby. This story isnt an example of a corporation trying to suppress free speech. This story is an example of a corporate gaming company trying to suppress a small independent game studio. We, the people of the United States, are losing the struggle for copyright protection and the right to be forgotten. We are losing the right to know the information we need to make informed decisions. How we respond to this loss will have an enormous effect on our ability to do anything we want online. The same laws that allow us to have YouTube clips taken down While the DMCA has been criticized for being overly broad and overly vague, it has become a tool used by.

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