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You cant let your guard down. You know its a huge risk, and the risks of this game cant be underestimated. As it turns out, the fame eventually begins to wear off soon after. No matter what you do though, you just arent famous like you thought you might be. You realize this isnt going to happen, you are just going to be another actor in Hollywood. Because at least youre still getting paid. You keep doing it for some time, then it happens at last. The movie industry really starts to change, and its not for the better. You get sick of not being able to do much of anything to affect those changes, but luckily that was just your death. As the years pass, you dont just get worse, you gradually get worseer. You start gaining an addiction to the drugs that are being created and grown. The only thing that helps is that you dont get caught, and your drug of choice is heroin. Finally, after years and years, you have a break through, and that is when the government declares a drug crisis, and offers you a job as a drug runner. Your job takes you from town to town, and in those towns it is your job to provide all the drugs that are being used. They are just too cheap to make the difference. You eventually get to a city that you call ClevelandTheres a massive drug problem. You even get in some small time fights over drugs. So you start selling drugs to the dealers. For years, you sell the drugs to those dealers. And you find yourself at your lowest point in your life. At this point in your life, its all just one big string of failure after another.

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