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Your room is also equipped with a proper door to access your bathroom. It is equipped with a vanity and a large shower that will make you feel comfortable and hydrated. Youll also find a small bookshelf for your reading. There is a small tea kettle and a small ironing board. Youre also assigned a small bedroom that is the perfect size for you. Plus youll find a small bed and a wardrobe. Your phone is also provided for your use and has a personal alarm clock set to wake you early in the morning, ready to face the next day. Youll also find a small flat screen TV and a personal stereo. Youre also given a laptop which will allow you full access to your room to create as many copies of yourself as you want. Itll also allow you to access the internet as well as view the numerous research journals and books that have been provided. Your personal bath is fully equipped with a shower, a bath mat, a shampooconditioner, a razor, a toothbrush and soaps. You have everything you need to be comfortable and happy. The hospital has provided you with a lot more than you expected and a lot more than you need. We hope that you will find that everything that is provided is helpful and useful. You are given a black briefcase marked M with a large red heart painted on the side containing a bunch of certificates and papers. You are handed a pen and a note pad and given a large black hardback book marked The Patient and are told to read it. For the next three hours you read the book while sitting at your desk and during this time your cell phone rings. I dont recognise your voice but its Sarah and I need to talk to you about something. The womans voice sounds panicked and you cant believe your luck. You hear the door shut behind her and then the phone start to ring and ring. It rings out of order so you hang up. You dont see the face of the woman on the other end but you remember her accent and you are fairly certain you know who this is. Im right here, Sarah, just come over. You hear yourself hear the voice say. You dont hesitate to check for yourself when you get to your room and there she is standing in the doorway.

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