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You open Twitter and see whats being shared and commented on. M at a loss for words right now about Ben Affleck. I can say one thing though, I think the kid has an edge on Ben. You Tweet under a picture of you in a black and white tank top and suspenders. The girl looks at you and then to the floor with a look of confusion. You continue to make small-talk with people in the street. A little boy is wearing a Batman shirt and holding a Batman sign, a boy in a Spiderman shirt is holding a Spiderman sign, and a girl is reading about Batman on her phone. And then you start to walk out of the street. She shouts, but your foot is already gone. You get home and you lie in bed and try to do nothing. You think about your parents, and about how you could never be anything like them. You think about how everyone is so easy and everyone is so easy. People like Batman and Spiderman are out to save the world. People like you are only trying to save yourself. After a few moments the smell of the hose is strong and permeates the home. Re feeling a little lethargic, but you get over it. Packing your carry-on, you head down the stairs to check.

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