'This Is Us' Viewers 'So Tired' of Waiting for Kevin's Romantic Happiness After Six Seasons of Near-Misses: 'Over It Already'

This Is Us fans appear to be tired of waiting to see with whom Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) ends up in a relationship. Some claimed they were “over it” after six years of hoping for happiness for the firstborn of the big three. However, they remain hopeful that Kevin will find the person he was meant to share his life with by the end of the series, which wraps in May of this year. Until then, they continue to vent their frustration on social media.

Kevin has had his share of romantic entanglements

Much of Kevin Pearson’s journey through the years has been his search for his great love story. He’s gone back to his first love, had many failed relationships, but never gave up on romance. 

Thus far, Kevin has dated his co-star Olivia Maine, playwright Sloane, war veteran Cassidy, Beth’s cousin Zoe, became engaged to his sister’s best friend Madison and married his teenage love, Sophie.

After a one-night stand with Madison, he is the father to twins Franny and Nicky, turned into what Kevin believed was his happily ever after. However, when Madison realized that Kevin didn’t truly love her but instead was more in love with the idea of having a family with her than being in a meaningful relationship, she left him at the altar.

Since ending his engagement to Madison, Kevin has been in flux. Subsequently, he continues to search for the person who will make his life complete.

Fans seem tired of this ongoing storyline and Kevin’s near-misses at happiness. They shared their remarks in the comments section of a Reddit post.

Viewers spoke of Kevin’s search for love, saying they are “over it already”

In response to a Reddit post titled “One thing we can all agree on…” viewers spoke about Kevin’s search for love.

Many claimed they were “over it” and wished Kevin would find someone with who he could share Princess Bride and Good Will Hunting references.

“It’s super frustrating! I honestly would accept Kevin being in a relationship with a rock at this point. I just am getting so tired of the storyline. It has been Kevin’s storyline for the last three seasons,” penned one fan.

“I find it annoying that they’re bringing Cassidy back to further the mystery. Like it wasn’t bad enough wondering between Madison and Sophie. Over it already,” mused a second viewer.

“Yeah, I liked the mystery of Kevin’s partner in season 4 and how that connected with Kevin’s arc, but it should’ve been resolved in season 5, so we could enjoy Kevin and his endgame in season 6. I understand why they’d prolong the mystery to the final season, especially because it is central to Kevin’s growth, but I do wish they’d stop teasing and parading out Kevin’s exes. It makes it seem like the writers don’t have a plan,” theorized a third Reddit user.

How many more episodes of ‘This Is Us’ will air this season?

The sixth and final season of the NBC drama will feature 18 episodes.

This Is Us will take a two-week break so that NBC can air the Winter Olympic Games, held in Beijing.

The games begin on Feb. 2 and continue through Feb. 20.

This Is Us returns to NBC with an all-new episode on Feb. 22 at 9 p.m. EST.

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